Registers a board, useful to find resources with pin_find() or pin to additional boards with pin().

board_register(board, name = board, cache = board_cache_path(),
  versions = NULL, ...)



The name of the board to register.


An optional name to identify this board, defaults to the board name.


The local folder to use as a cache, defaults to board_cache_path().


Should this board be registered with support for versions?


Additional parameters required to initialize a particular board.


A board requires a local cache to avoid downloading files multiple times. It is recommended to not specify the cache parameter since it defaults to a well known rappdirs. However, you are welcome to specify any other location for this cache or even a temp folder with tempfile(). Notice that, when using a temp folder, pins will be cleared when your R session restarts. The cache parameter can be also set with the pins.path option.

The versions parameter default to different values depending on which board is choosed. For instance, local boards do not use versions by default, but GitHub boards do.

See also


# create a new local board board_register("local", "other_board", cache = tempfile()) # create a Website board board_register("datatxt", name = "txtexample", url = "", cache = tempfile())