• board_folder() creates a board inside a folder. You can use this to share files by using a folder on a shared network drive or inside a DropBox.

  • board_temp() creates a temporary board that lives in a session specific temporary directory. It will be automatically deleted once the current R session ends.

  • board_local() is mostly included for backward compatiblity. It's the default board used by pin() and pin_get().

board_folder(path, name = "folder", versions = FALSE)

board_local(versions = FALSE)

board_temp(name = "temp", versions = FALSE)



Path to directory to store pins. Will be created if it doesn't already exist.


An optional name used identify the board. This is no longer generally needed since you should be passing around an explicit board object.


Should this board be registered with support for versions?

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# session-specific local board board <- board_temp()